Size Antimatters

I sit here posting this game only hours after the best weekend I had in along time
This game was made in 3 days durring TOJam and by far the most polished game I've made in such a time span
I'm really happy with this games style. It was also fun making a multiplayer game (speaking of which, go find a friend to play with)
I have a slight idea to do with this game with a slight bit of polish but I feel the original jam version should be up
Shout out to the amazing Ryan Roth who did the sound for this game

The goal of the game is to get to the top first.
Avoid x's and send walls at the other players
I also advise you full screen(F11) your browser as this game is at 720p


AD/FH/JL/Left Right - Move character Enter - Advance menu 0/-/+ - Volume control
Download to your games folder!

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